Friday, October 06, 2006

BigBuckeye Exposed

Hi, I’m Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC. So what did you plan on doing here this afternoon?

BigBuckeye: Nothing, I was just going to talk.

But your emails to LilSweetBGSU say something different. Don’t they? You said, quote. “BGSU, why don’t you come down to my place and let’s get a little rough.” That sounds like more than just chatting to me.

BigBuckeye: Honestly I just thought BGSU needed a friend.

Then you said: “You should see the size of my defense….Would you like to see my big fat interception machine?” “Maybe you’ll let me lay you flat on your back and embarrass you in front of my friends.” You know that this is just a MAC team don’t you?

BigBuckeye: Yes, but I just wanted to hang out and get some reps for my second stringers.

Really? What did you mean by, “Wait you til I whip out my #10 on you?” And “I can’t wait to lay about 45 points on your ass?” Did you plan to even let BGSU score?

BigBuckeye: Of course, I would let them score 6, maybe even 10. Like I said, I just wanted to be friends.

After this break, Dateline NBC’s “To Catch an Ass-Whooper” we’ll ask BigBuckeye what he was after when he said. “My little Teddy is fast as lightning and will run right up your backside.”

BigBuckeye – 42

LilSweetBGSU - 9

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