Monday, October 02, 2006

Is this Heaven...

Or the scene of a beating?

If you look on the Iowa map you’ll see something very interesting in a state that is littered with little tiny towns. First you’ll need to locate Fiery-Competitor-burg. Now look west and see if you can find Whiney-puss-Pink-Hello-Kitty-panties-wearing-pouter-ville. Got it? Right between the two is Drew Tate. Saturday night, I got really tired of hearing just how great a competitor this dude is. “He’s such a leader, Kirk. He read Lance Armstrong’s book and now he can cure cancer with his competitiveness. His jock strap is made out of gold plated chutzpah.” Blah Yada Blah. He’s cost his team yards in the past for spiking the ball because he didn’t like the way the other kids were treating him on the jungle gym. He pounds on the ground, pouts on the sidelines, holds is breath and stomps his feet. Waaaaaaah! (OK, I made up the part about him holding his breath. And the part about the Hello Kitty Panties.) Anyway, the kid annoys me. I did however appreciate his 19 of 41 and 3 interceptions. Daddy Like. As PFEF says, he did get some yards, but with 41 attempts Herky fans would expect to have well over 300 yards in the air.

My post-game recap? Two words. Good Ole Fashioned Ass Whoopin’. I loved it. The Buckeyes went into Kinnick and punched the Hawks right square in the face. Here’s to their crowd though, they’d did their best to stay in the game through the first half or so. There weren’t many Ohio Staters in attendance either. Which means that unlike the “Greatest Fans Ever” in Austin, nobody was selling their tickets. Good for them.

Can we please arrange for Lee “Baby Arm” Corso to don the opponent’s mascot head every week? Lee! Keep it up buddy. Whatever you do, do not read the sport pages. They contain really scary nasty things like commentaries about what really happens during football games and (GASP) stats of said games. You don’t need to bother your pretty bulldog looking head with trivialities such as these. They might help you get a freakin' clue which we wouldn't want you to do. We love that you keep getting it wrong. Next up Lee, Freddie the Falcon. Dope.

By the way, I'm falling in love with Beanie Wells. Really. Does this kid remind anyone else of the Great #27? He had almost 80 yards with one of the carries a 19 yarder. He's not going to carry the mail this season the way Pittman is playing, but I'm very excited about this kid's future.

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