Thursday, August 31, 2006

Signs Signs Everywhere a sign

In keeping with the time-waster theme of this here blog, here’s a little fun with the Churchies. I know I can’t be the only one who thinks about changing the lettering around on the sign in the front yard of the neighborhood church. Maybe the only thing that stops us from doing so is LightningBoltFromHeavenophobia. Here’s away to say what you want with out too much fear of Wrath. I did a few just to get started. Enjoyeth.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ripping off real blogs

I need to get up earlier to catch the worm. I’m new to this blogging thing so I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. But a couple of the points I’m about to touch on have already appeared on such notable sites as DeadSpin and a SkunkBear site. I need a crack staff. Or maybe just crack.

Item one: Can we please over-promote a true freshman again? Beanie Wells should be good, maybe even great. Coach T says he’s even quicker now than in the spring or even early fall. So, I know, let’s make statue out of him and sell it. Better yet throw a bunch of Buckeyes on his helmet. It could only be better if that statue could be put on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Item next: mmmmm Football flavored cereal. It’s true, we as Buckeye fanatics will buy, wear, or eat anything if it scarlet and gray. Sounds a lot like Honey Nut Cheerios to me. Try to be the first to open the box because for a limited time everyone comes with a jock-strap.

Item Last: For the discerning visual pallet. Make your own original masterpiece under the watchful eye of Jesus. Put a picture of Grandma, Aunt Midge, Your Favorite Football Coach or Donald Trump. Whomever. This is genius with a capital G. I’m buying one, particularly if I can get it on black velvet. Pictured here is Jesus’ favorite brown dog.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wood Shed?

I'm starting to get pretty geeked about the upcoming college football season. This is by far the best sports season to me. It’s the pageantry of the whole thing. It's that every game counts! If Ohio State takes a nap against Northern Illinois, it's probably over. Oh the pressure.

Periodically, I'll cruise by the University of Texas message boards to see where their heads are about the second game of the season when tOSU visits Austin. I was pretty surprised at what I found. (Read I couldn't have been more shocked if I woke up with my face stapled to my pillow.)

Let's put this in perspective first. Ohio State is preseason ranked #1 in the country. Vegas started the betting line around 3 points in favor of Texas. The line is now down to a basic "pick 'em." We are likely looking for a pretty good game, no? So you might think. These posters on the site are looking for a 17 –30 point Longhorn victory. 30 points?! Are you shitting me? Granted, Texas is the reigning National Champ, which is awesome for them. But rolling over a team like Ohio State like that is HIGHLY unlikely.

This is how I view Big 12 fans in general. They’re very confident, nay over-the-top cocksure to say the least. I've never been able to pull this off. I'm too nervous to be that confident. Do I think the Bucks can win in Austin? No question. But to call for an ass-whoopin like that is not something I can make myself do. I also see this out of fans of Texas Tech, A&M, Oklahoma, (except for you, JB) all of them really.

That's too far to fall if things don't go my way. Predict a beating like that and then lose, YOUCH!

I'll try to put that game on the back burner for a week. Good luck, right?