Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sparty Schmarty

Even though it is cool (for Dallas 65 is cool), gray and rainy, which is perfect for college football season, I am non-plussed by the Buckeyes pending match-up in E.L., MI this weekend. It’s only Tuesday, so I’m sure that I’ll get a lot more worked up about it as we move through the week but right now, it’s a yawner.

Even when the Sparty’s are good, they elicit very little emotion from me. Probably because they are the weak Michigan sister. Or, because they’re from East Lansing. They’re green. Astroturf. They just seem so nondescript to me.

Oh sure, I remember a #1 Ohio State team taking one in the wedding tackle when MSU came to our Dojo in 1998. Damn you John Cooper. Still, it’s freaking Michigan State. To me MSU seems like the “special” kid on the short bus who wears a helmet, but he’s big and ornory enough that you don’t constantly pick on him, but he’s still a “special” helmet-wearin’ short bus rider.

Maybe to perk myself up, I’ll start hoping that John L. Smith will either lose his mind or his job or better yet both, after the Buckeyes whip their ass. That would make Mongo happy. Mongo like.
Like I said earlier, I know I’ll get more into it later in the week. Right now I’ve lost energy to talk about this thing.

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POJO_Risin said...

Ahh...the ole' Spartan against the #1 Buckeyes curse...it's not gonna happen this weekend.

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