Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can I retire yet?

Work can really get in the way of the college football season. The powers that be in the trade show world should realize that there are 12 Saturdays in the fall that should be left the hell alone. Don’t schedule your silly conventions, trade show or torture sessions on any one of them. Capiche? At least two times during the Buckeye’s season each year I find myself having to get updates via my cell phone’s internet connection, or running around the convention hall looking for a TV tuned to something other that “Conference Room Assignments at the Turdville Convention Center.” This weekend is one of those weekends. Luckily, it’s the stinko Falcons of Bowling Green.

What’s the line on this one? Probably not the 63 points that Mack Brown’s Longhorns failed to cover last week against Sam Houston State. Mack? Tsk Tsk. Why schedule a game like that? The Big Ten has a history of playing the MAC. This year the two play 19 times, with almost half being hosted by the MAC teams. Oh, and by the way they are a D1 conference. So anyway, the Buckeyes are favored by 35 points. If I have to miss watching a game, this one is the one I’d choose.

It bears noting that the Falcons have played the Buckeyes tough in the past. Now this certainly isn’t the BGSU team that took the Buckeyes to the end the game in 2003. tOSU needed a late turnover to close the deal. That BG team had a ton of seniors but this one doesn’t. So the Buckeyes should clearly kill them.

They make these computers portable now days so I’m strapping it up and taking it with me. I’ll do my best to post while I’m gone. In case I can’t…..Buckeyes 42 – Falcons 6. I reserve the right to amend my prediction, as I will undoubtedly remember that 42 points is a ridiculous amount of points to ask Coach T to roll up.

A thought about going through airport security. Would it be uncool, if when you see a person wearing scUM gear in a line near you, to tell the TSA agent that you saw that person stuff something up their butt? Probably not cool, unless of course it is the week of The Game.

Go Bucks. Work Sucks.

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