Saturday, November 04, 2006

Illinois Pre-game

Once again, I'm having to miss a game due to work. What the....? It's really starting to get my bloomers in a bunch. I'm out in Seattle, (the land of DeathCab, sup dude?) which means there are football games on at 9:ooam. Which normally would blow, but since I'm not able to see much football this weekend I'll take what I can get. Even if it is Wishconsin v State Penn or Texas Tech v. Baylor.

Two side notes. If you haven't looked into the kook that is Mike Leach the head coach of Texas Tech yet. Do your funny bone a favor and check him out. He is more than just a creator of one of the most tricked up crazy-assed teams you'll see but he's a huge fan of pirates. That's a lower case "p." Not the Pittsburgh baseball team or anything like that he's a fan of the old school "Arrrrrgggghhh, Shiver me timbers you scallawag" type pirate. In fact each off season he chooses to learn about some other topic. Such as Geronimo, Daniel Boone, whales, chimpanzees, grizzly bears. This dude cracks me up.

Second side note. I just saw the Nissan commercial about the Heisman Trophy. The Buckeye Blog had a week or so ago, but I must've missed it. I like it a lot. But our mascot isn't really very tough so they just had to make is as big as former planet Pluto and roll over everyone. Not a bad analogy by Nissan, but sometimes I do wish we had a tougher mascot. Like Indiana, er uh, oh hell. Watch the video.

OSU - 39
Ill - 10

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This just in.

Looks like Sparty is sick and tired of having a crappy football team. So instead of shit-canning the entire program like they should they are taking the easy way out.

The are
firing J. L. Smith today effective at the end of the season.

I sorta called this, which makes me pretty smart. Not really, I just like seeing that in print. I'll go off line now and write some more really cool crap about myself.

Rock the vote

Go here - Vote for Troy – and do your duty as a Buckeye. If you aren’t a Buckeye do it anyway. As Wilford Brimley once said, “it’s the right thing to do.” It doesn’t matter if he was talking about Quaker Oats or snuffing out Tom Cruise, I think it translates here.

Here’s the skinny. (I didn’t know this or at least didn’t remember.) In 1999, The Heisman Trophy folks decided to develop a “special program” to allow we, the huddled masses, to have a say in the vote. Pretty cool, huh? We get one. ONE! We don’t each get one -- we get to share one. So why not have our guy win that one vote? Last I checked, somewhere around 100,000 votes have been cast and TS is getting the shit kicked out of him by that kid at WVU by like 500%. He’s number two but barely ahead of future bikini model, Brady Quinn. Heck even the Mormons have revved up their PCs at the Tabernacle and put their guy in 4th.

Let’s help pull this thing out of the ditch. Pass the word around. Thanks to The Buckeye Blog for the heads up.

The ballot is supposed to be set up so you can only vote once per week, but if you clear out your cookies/history you can keep voting.

By the way -- One more Heisman Trophy for the Buckeyes and they’ll be tied for the lead with ND and USC with 7.

Monday, October 30, 2006

No thanks!

Ok, let me just say this first so as to keep from getting in Dutch with the Karma Monkey. Hypothetically speaking. Let’s just say that neither the Buckeyes nor the UM Skunk Bears barf on themselves, and both arrive in the Shoe for the battle of the millennium, November 18th unscathed. There. I should be good now.

I think I’m alone in this one. Seriously, does anyone else not want a second Ohio State v. Meatchicken game this year? I’ve heard it referenced several times, in Ohio State blogs, news groups, my family, I even think the ESPN folks have floated it out. So maybe it’s just me. But I don’t want anything to do with such an idea. Oh yeah, from the outside it probably looks like a terrific idea. Two storied programs sticking it to the rest of the college football world by playing two times in a row. The first one for the Big Ten title, the next for the National Championship and complete sovereignty over the entire known universe.

For me The Game is The Game. It shouldn’t be sullied, particularly by a second match-up in the same season. Part of my problem with this comes from a “glass-half-empty” perspective. And that is, what if the Buckeyes were to lose? Can you imagine the decades of hearing the Meeeeshigan people reminding us that we can forget about our regular season record because they own us in National Championships? The HORROR. I’d rather watch Rosie O’Donnell do nude squat thrusts than have to hear that from Them. Ok sure, we could and should win a game like that but is it worth the risk? I can take a loss to a Pac10 or SEC team much easier that a loss to TTUN.

I'd like to think that the Buckeyes will school them in the Shoe and be done with it. Let us then move on to kicking the shit out of, say West Virginia, or Louisville, or any one of a number. I don’t care, you pick one, just not Mistagain. I’m already a nervous wreck about this year’s scheduled Game. Heaven forbid, if I had to put my dear wife through another month of sphincter tightening, hand wrenching, binge drinking and possibly a new crack or heroine problem. I’m quite sure I couldn’t handle it.

I’m usually a “half-full” guy so this is a weird stance from me. It’s neither really well thought out nor well argued but it’s the way I feel, so there. I will stomp my feet and hold my breath if you don’t like.

The Buckeye Blog is looking forward to deciphering the possibilities of how this game could happen.

Hypothetically speaking of course.

No TV for you.

By the way, to the boys at The M Zone, good luck with the live play-by-play blogging you are talking about doing this weekend. Very ambitious. My advice? Go to a bar and drink like any respectable Big 10er should do. They do have bars in A2 right? It’s a rhetorical question, because I know that there are bars there. I half remember being in one. I was one of those loud mouthed, drunken, cammo wearing, belligerent tOSU fans you all like to talk about. Hey at least I admit it. I’ve changed a lot since my school days. I don’t wear cammo anymore.