Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's official


Way to go Penalty Kill. Good job on early calling the dumbass Trojans. Shit.

GO Florida.

Man, Do I Blow.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Reporting from the field

I’m Penalty Kill reporting from points foreign. Today, Orlando. These people (read…Hill Jack F’s with about as many teeth as Troy Smith has interceptions on the season) keep talking some silly shit, but I digress.

Anyway, I’m on the road again and these dumbasses want to see a rematch. Fuck that! Come on, I’m in Florida. How ‘bout talking about your precious Gaytors getting a piece of the Buckeyes. Why do these Jerry Springer Fluffers want to see a G#$ D&^% rematch?

Please won’t someone do something to finalize the other spot in the National Championship already? I’m tired of waiting. Mrs. PK is tired of waiting. The dogs of Mr. & Mrs. PK are tired of waiting. We are ticketed and paid up for gosh dang Glendale, let’s get on with this bitch already.

Jeez! Just sayin'

With that said, Fight on USC, Fight on.

Not that I want my Buckeyes to face you specifically. Just saying.

No Blue. Really NO Blue.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Your Booty Stinks

Since Surfer Pete and his ribbed for her pleasure Trojans are a formality away from a return visit to the National Championship, let’s start looking at Southern Cal. I’m pretty sure I’m not jinxing them. They’re 2 touchdown favorites over cross-town rivals, UCLA. The Westwood Blue Boys ripped off an impressive 4 straight conference losses mid year before pulling their season out of the ditch, to a current 6-5. To be fair they are coming off a road win at ASU and prior to that a Bobby Brown on Whitney Houston bitch slapping of Oregon State. The same Oregon State that beat USC. I know the USC fan will say it was only a scoreboard victory and that the refs had something to do with it. Scoreboard. Having said all that, I think this weekend’s game at the Rose Bowl will be more like the 66-19 of a year ago than the closer games in years before.

So it’s certainly not too early to start with the “Booty” jokes in honor of Southern Cal QB, J. D. Booty. Please join in the fun. I’ll start. Let’s see….how ‘bout.

Buckeyes make a Booty call.

Or perhaps

Surfer Pete puts his Booty in motion

Your turn. I didn't want to take all the good ones. I'm cool like that.

Ok trojanhorse, game on.