Thursday, October 05, 2006


This is certainly a milestone in blog history, at least in mine. As I mentioned earlier I’m on the road attending a trade show. The milestone comes in since I’ve spent 10 hours on the trade show floor glad handing, then had a three very dry Grey Goose martini dinner meeting and now I’m attempting an entry to The PK. I’ll try to be brief because after a few martinis I might be prone to ramble. Hey, look. The hated Seminoles are losing to NC State in the 4th. See, I told you.

I followed
Double Deuce’s link to the SI article about the depth of tOSU’s receiving corps. I love that kind of pub. The Buckeyes are deep as hell at that position and must be giving defensive coordinators real trouble in game planning. TG2 gets so much attention that Gonzo is the leading pass catcher on the team and there are a bunch of others that need to get defensive looks too. Robiskie and Hartline to name a couple. The Buckeyes are really good at receiver, surprisingly to many.

However, and I might be nitpicking a bit, (see Martinis above,) the SI article says, “in-state rivals Bowling Green.” Rivals? Really? Not even close. First of all, Ohio State hasn’t had any in-state rivals since… Jack Park….in a long damned time. We played BGSU maybe 4 times in school history and won them all? My crack staff tells me that this stat is close to being correct. If you could see the rat-trap hotel in Baltimore at which I’m staying you would definitely agree that I have a “crack” staff. The Buckeyes have only a few opponents that warrant the moniker ‘rival.’ It’s a sacred term reserved for, first of all, scUM. And then in my opinion State Penn, Notre Dame and Otterbein….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


….huh? What the….? Sleep. Need Sleep.


WhiteDawg said... the post. Everyday I make a stop here and you never fail to impress. Keep it up!

AH said...

thanks a lot for the feedback! I appreciate you checking in on me. Go Bucks!

AH said...
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