Friday, December 15, 2006

Stuff and such

I’m going to use the same excuse used by so many for why I haven’t posted since –gasp-- last week. “Hey Man, you know, it’s the holidays. It’s been crazy with all the shopping and holiday parties, scouring the house for re-gifting ideas, and main-lining eggnog.” It’s all a lie, but it sounds good. This, so far, has been a fairly low maintenance Christmas season. My lack of production herein is due to the fact of me being one lazy SOB. I’m just sort of biding my time until the Mrs. and I venture to the desert for the Championship. I plan to step it up as we draw closer to that glorious day. I might even bust off some on-sight reporting. “Reporting live from Tempe embedded with these other drunk assholes, I’m Mr. Penalty Kill.” Anyone else going?

Just a few items to amuse and/or annoy you. (read: fill space. So sue me)


It is highly questionable to go to an art museum with your buddies. Unless, of course you plan on looking for sublime photo-ops such as this. Turning a painting of JC into a YMCA cheer is beautiful beyond words. With fellows like this looking for these types of opportunities, I submit we are all winners.

Dear Santa

Maybe Papa Noel will bring you one of these for Christmas. Note to Mrs. PK, I’m just joking! Who would really want that? I mean come on. (Believable?)

Haiku for you

Fellow Buckeye Fans
See you in Arizona
We’ll skin Gators

PK out.