Friday, August 11, 2006

My Favorite Wine

"I want to go to Miami Beach" Ok, seriously.

Way back when, on game day, to go with our Cheez-whiz in a can we’d fill our wineskins or bota bags with
M/D 20/20. Clearly the worst wine ever, but at least it was cheap. At about 2 bucks a pop back then, it was right up a poor college student’s alley. This nasty stuff now comes in eleventeen different flavors. In my day; two. Grape with a hint of nightmarish vomiting and a touch of kill-me-now-before-I-jump-off-the-roof headaches. And Lemon-Lime – only for the professional and you had to sign a waiver at the 7-11.

All this to say that I wouldn’t have thought that I would do what I did yesterday. I ordered a case of nice wine on-line. My wife and I had a couple of glasses at a restaurant and loved it. I’m not sure why, but nobody in the area carries. Even the winery is out. I found some 2002
Folie a Duex Cabernet at some online wine store out of Los Angeles. It wasn’t terribly expensive but the thought of identifying, locating and buying a case of wine seems so freaking far from throwing up purple madness on my tennis shoes 20 years ago.

This wine term makes me giggle –
Cork Taint

Hmmm, it must be happy hour somewhere. Ahoy! Cocktails on the horizon, Captain.

See you Monday

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