Monday, August 14, 2006

Poor Bomar - No Respect

I don't mean to pick on Rhett Bomar, former Oklahoma Sooner QB, but dammit it's tough not to. Turns out he may not have taken as much money as originally reported for his no-show job at a Norman auto dealer. So this make him an even bigger dumbass. Jeopardizing a potentially lucrative NFL career for less than the cash it would take to buy a used Buick Skylark. Idiot!

This picture makes me laugh.

More on Mo Clarett (pardon the pun) Ohio Judge is ordering a psychological exam to determine whether or not Clarett esta loco en la cabasa. Um, Your Honor, if it pleases the court, I can save you some time. HE'S A FREAKING LUNATIC. Take it to the bank, bang the gavel and let's hit the cafeteria before the green beans get mushy.

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