Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hey Mo! Nyuk Nyuk

Isn’t it sad how poor Maurice Clarett is being treated these days? Don’t Columbus’ Finest know that this kid is a star, a celebrity with rights and privileges not afforded to pedestrian shit-breathers like you and me? Where’s the love?

All my boy Mo did this time was….
· Make an illegal U-turn
· Headed out I-70 trying to outrun the cops.
· Another illegal U-turn on the highway.
· Damaged some city property when he bent some of the police spike strips with all four of his tires.
· Needed to be forcibly removed from his SUV after he refused to get out once stopped.
· Made the coppers use their mace on his crazy eyes.
· Kicking and screaming like a little bitch in the paddy wagon.
· Oh and possessing 4 (FOUR! QUATRO!) loaded weapons in the car and wearing a bullet proof vest.

Easy does it folks. Who hasn’t been there? Poor li'l Mo is the victim. If Jim Tressel would’ve just let Mo run roughshod over the OSU football program like he wanted, he wouldn’t be in this pickle right now. Of course the program would be in shambles and we’d be looking down the barrel of the NCAA Death Penalty, but if we could save just one kid isn’t it worth it? Isn't that what we are here for?

What was he preparing for? War? Four loaded weapons and a bulletproof vest? What the…..?

Two parting thoughts:

Maurice Clarett has lost whatever mind he had.

Jessica Simpson looks good in this dress

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