Monday, August 07, 2006

Open wide please

I have a new Ex-dentist because this guy scared me. He was nice enough and didn’t hurt me but he did say something shocking. I would’ve walked out right then but he and the hygienist sort of had me cornered. So what did he say?

“You can request tooth-colored filling material for your teeth, but I recommend Silver Amalgam. It’s much better.”

Let’s pretend for a second that there are no studies about this product at all. Cuz, there are. Why would anyone want to have a concoction of materials sitting in their mouth for eons that is more than 50% Mercury? The same kind of Mercury that is one of the most toxic materials on earth? If you spill more Mercury than would be contained in a standard thermometer, the EPA says you have to contact the State Environmental authorities, if it’s a tablespoon or two, call the Feds. Remember “Mad as a Hatter?” It refers to mercury poisoning that was common amoung hat makers who used it to for making chapeaus. So tell me again why it’s ok to store this crap in my cake-hole.

Note: I think it is pretty clear why they’re called “Silver Filling,” because they probably wouldn’t sell very well if they were called Mercury Poisoning Fillings)

I know I have a choice not to get the silver fillings when the time comes. What really bugged me about this dentist is that he is STILL recommending them. As if enough doubt hasn’t been cast to just stop using them and go with something else. Oh, to be sure you will find studies stating that nothing has ever been found counter-indicating the use of Mercury fillings. There loads to the contrary too. But if it doesn’t come from the ADA or the FDA they don’t count with most dentists. I wouldn’t expect much to come from the ADA on the subject since they invented the filling material. Imagine the lawsuits that would be filed if the ADA came out and said, “oops, sorry, we been poisoning you and you kids for years and years. Please don’t be mad at us.”

I’ve got more to say about this and Dentists in general, but will rest for now.

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