Friday, August 18, 2006

You’re a Nut Job….Mkay?

Did anyone think that this pencil-necked freak looks like Mr. Mackey from South Park? What a freaking creepy looking guy. It looks like there is evil behind those eyes, even if he did what he is claiming or not. I’m starting to have my doubts whether he had any thing to do with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey too.

Seems that the Boulder District Attorney is non-plussed by his confession. Factual errors and such have many people wondering if John Karr is the murderer or just a generic non-murdering pedophile that has a horribly unhealthy obsession with the decade old slaying of a little girl.

For a moment let’s assume he didn’t do it. What is it about people who confess to things like this that they didn’t do? I think it happens often. I would find another way to get some attention. Streaking. Paging oneself in the airport over and over again. Protesting at the White House about the poor treatment of the Alien Visitors while wearing a foil lined colander. Run for governor of Minnesota or Texas.

I hope this guy did do it. It would take the heat of the family and let the little girl rest in peace. I also hope that the collection of Deputies Barney Fife and Enos Strate at the Boulder PD haven’t screw the pooch so bad on this thing that they’ll never find the truth.

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