Thursday, August 17, 2006

Three yards and a cloud...

I realize that I might be on some ticklish ground here but I saw these Jesus Athletic Statues and it was clear to me that I must comment. I mean, come on! Look at these. They are begging for a “Your Caption Here” space.

If Jesus were on my relay team, I think I’d let him have the anchorman position. Seems likely that even in the “Jerusalem cruiser” sandles that he would have the best 100 or 400 meter time. Number 2, Little Bobby believes that there is an “I” in team. What’s the little girl doing? I think she is about to be Zola Bud to Jesus’ Mary Decker.

He’s nothing if not versatile sort of like Renaldo Nehemiah, only a lot holier and Son of God-ish. Don’t tell me that that is Little Bobby again. Thou shall not try to arm tackle Jesus, especially since He seems to be pretty fast and has a good handle on the Power I. I think He's been chatting with Woody up there, because now days with the West Coast offense, passing is way more popular. Notice no grass stains on his clothes. He’s a good scrambler.

There are more, like Jesus Hockey Guy, Basketball and Soccer. Talk about low hanging fruit.

I’ll let you have some fun too.

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