Friday, August 04, 2006

Scumbag Boosters and Greedy Boys

Man o' man does this kind of shit scares me. In case you don't know Rhett Bomar, QB for the Oklahoma Sooners, was busted, cut and publicly flogged by his coach after availing himself of the illicit offerings of a over-zealot booster. Tony Soprano’s boys call it a no-show job. Pretty nice gig actually. You get paid loads of cash, at least by the standards of a 20 year old kid, to stay home. Oh, and there is a car allowance too? Sweet. Hey Dumbass! You’re going to make millions of dollars a year if you can just keep your head out of your ass.

The reason it scares me is that there are dumb asses like this at every school. At any D-1 school you’ll find at least a handful of shortsighted morons whose sense of self-entitlement out weighs any amount of couth, moxie or common sense that God gave a flaming bag of shit. I’d like to be able to grab every Ohio State player by their heavily starched, custom made collar and say, “See this Oklahoma jackass? Learn something from him and keep your hands in your pockets instead of out in front of you palm-up waiting for some scumbag alumni to line it with Benjamin’s! Get it?” Hopefully my boy Tressel will take care of that. Though I think it’s likely that he enters the building on the opposite side from the players. He drives a ’92 Ford Ranger; he wouldn’t want to be shown up by the kid’s cars.

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