Saturday, November 04, 2006

Illinois Pre-game

Once again, I'm having to miss a game due to work. What the....? It's really starting to get my bloomers in a bunch. I'm out in Seattle, (the land of DeathCab, sup dude?) which means there are football games on at 9:ooam. Which normally would blow, but since I'm not able to see much football this weekend I'll take what I can get. Even if it is Wishconsin v State Penn or Texas Tech v. Baylor.

Two side notes. If you haven't looked into the kook that is Mike Leach the head coach of Texas Tech yet. Do your funny bone a favor and check him out. He is more than just a creator of one of the most tricked up crazy-assed teams you'll see but he's a huge fan of pirates. That's a lower case "p." Not the Pittsburgh baseball team or anything like that he's a fan of the old school "Arrrrrgggghhh, Shiver me timbers you scallawag" type pirate. In fact each off season he chooses to learn about some other topic. Such as Geronimo, Daniel Boone, whales, chimpanzees, grizzly bears. This dude cracks me up.

Second side note. I just saw the Nissan commercial about the Heisman Trophy. The Buckeye Blog had a week or so ago, but I must've missed it. I like it a lot. But our mascot isn't really very tough so they just had to make is as big as former planet Pluto and roll over everyone. Not a bad analogy by Nissan, but sometimes I do wish we had a tougher mascot. Like Indiana, er uh, oh hell. Watch the video.

OSU - 39
Ill - 10


Herringbone said...

Hey I got to spend the weekend working...good times. At least we didnt have to watch that game. Sounds like work was a better option. Next time you are in town shoot me an email...



Herringbone said...

We definitely got a lot of rain this weekend. Too didnt even get to see any of the landscape.

Peace out..