Saturday, August 26, 2006

Oh no you didn't!

So I've seen this guy do this easily a half of a dozen times. One time I hollered across the bar at him to stop but him paid me no attention. He's a double dipper. In public no less. It's one thing to double dip at home. I'll even champion that effort myself. But in public?

Ok, so this dude, whom I have no name other than the Double Dipper goes into the same bar I do. Every time I see him he'll have a drink or two and make his way toward the bathroom. On the way he'll make a pit stop at the little happy hour buffet that the proprietors are kind enough to provide. DD will stand there in broad daylight and take a tortilla chip and dip it straight into the big thing of salsa. Questionable already, but passable. Then he’ll take a bite and put the remaining piece of the chip back in the salsa for another helping.

I lost it last night when I saw this happen AGAIN. After DD went to the bathroom, probably not washing his mitts, he reentered the bar area. Where I was lying in wait. I squared up to him and gently poked a finger in his chest and said.

"When you took that chip and took a bite and then put it back in the salsa, did you ever consider that someone else might like to have some."

This was met with a blank stare, almost looking away like my dog does when being scolded. Then some blinking.

"So you are a double dipper. You put food in your mouth, then take it out and commingle it with other people’s food. What is wrong with you?"

He walked away after saying nothing. I felt better but was shaking a little bit from the adrenaline rush created by the confrontation.

I hope he learns something. If not, I tried.

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