Saturday, January 06, 2007

We're off

I really want to be a stat guy and/or a real sportsy blogger dude. Ain't happenin. That would be like asking Jay Leno to be funny, Cheerleaders to be unSexy, or O.J. Simpson to stop cutting peoples heads off. (Allegedly)

But I do have feelings. Gut feelings. And my gut is in a freaking mess about this game in the desert on Monday. I mean I am a wreck. I don't think this is going to end well. Remember that one time when Ohio State was in the National Championship against Miami? That one time when tOSU was a prohibitive underdog? And the Buckeyes SHOCKED the world? It seems the entire world thinks the Buckeyes are in the same position as MiHammy was then. I swear on the rock hard soul of Johnny Cash that I am scared to death of the Florida Gaytors. (funny spelling, I know. I’m a comic genius)

Here are some facts. (and by facts I mean stuff I'm either making up or I think I heard one time)

They're from the freakin SEC. How's the Buckeye's bowl game record against the SEC. 3 words SHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTY!

Has any team ever won after more than 50 days off. I don't think so. Check it out stat-boy. Answer no.

Of the last 5 Heisman winners who have played for the NC, only 1 has won. Matt "knock a baby up in a hot basketball playah" Leinart

Conclusive evidence that Ohio State is going to get a damn Gator enima? Am I overly nervous and freaked out by being in another National Championship in this decade? Am I looking for something to mitigate the ridiculously over-confident Buckeye-fandom I keep hearing? YES. YES. And YES.

I'm truly freaked. Even the beautiful and talented Mrs. PK thinks the Buckeyes are going to get rolled. She goes on guts too. Damn it. Of course we both hope we are wrong.

We leave today to party in Arizona. If you are going out to the game, look for the wife and me. We'll be the ones in Scarlet and Gray cheering our asses off.

Until next time, from the desert.


PK out.


poon81 said...

One stat you forgot is that in the last 6 years only one 1 win team has won the NC and that was LSU in 2003. Yeah I watch too much sportscenter, but I can't resist the wandering eye.
Glendale here we come.

Andy said...

Relax. Stop waiting for bad things to happen. Ohio State will be national champions after the game. I have a gut too (and it's been getting bigger during the holidays). It says "Buckeyes win". So, relax and enjoy the game. The days off mean nothing. It's not like Florida has played in the past two weeks. They had a long time off as well. Remember that Troy Smith leads this team and Jim Tressel is the head coach (not you nor I). Everything will be all right. Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you do for a living but, you should apply for a job on The Psychic Hotline.