Friday, December 08, 2006


I was going to write about this too. Problem is that sometimes I'm about as quick on the trigger as Charlie Weis is on a treadmill. So I’ll let some other folks comment on Brady “I so want to be like dreamboat Tom Brady but I fear my love for wearing pink lace panties and stalking Liza Minelli might hold me back” Quinn winning the Maxwell Award for football player of the year over the deserved winner, your Troy Smith.

As always
MotSaG is right there with the goods.

Eleven Warriors, POJO have nice recaps of this award and others.

But I REALLY like this one. The boys over a
The M Zone have a take too. These guys love to bash on tOSU for being overly rednecked, overly mustached, overly beered, overly everything. But they are usually funny and have this one right.

Someday I would really like to grow up and be a quick, on-the-money, diligent blogger like these guys. I’d also really like to see a picture of Hillary Clinton shaving her testicles too. I doubt either will happen. (heads up IndyBuckeye)

If things go like planned tomorrow, Troy Smith will hear something like this: Here’s your trophy, you freaking badass. Please strike a pretty pose for your complimentary portrait, or a pose of you pretending to do the crazy Smack Dat Ass dance on LLLLLLoyd Carr. Please take your place in history. Congratulations young man you’ve done well.


sportsMonkey said...

Awesome speech. I'd love to hear it!

Thanks for the HT, Andy. Just a heads-up... the link to MotSaG leads to POJO. Not that this is a bad thing, though; POJO is a must-stop on the Buckeye blog tour as well. ;-)

The Penalty Kill said...

Thank you sir. Fixed.

indybuckeye said...

Chuckle. These inside jokes give me hours of pleasure. Can't wait to see Troy win the Heisman tomorrow.

Buckeye Doyle said...

Dude - don't early call us for the 2007 game!!...right now, he's only:

Can a brother get another "L" up in hyah?

Go Bucks!