Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tickets? We don't need no stinking....

It's a tough question to answer. What college football team's fans travel the best? Meaning, who has the most folks show up with and without tickets. Obviously my answer would have to be the Banana Slugs of UC Santa Cruz. Of course I think the Buckeyes do. I'm not sure exactly how or why this is though.

Does the Ohio State Alumni Association just have so many folks around the country that they are bound to have a big crowd where ever the team plays? Probably. Or is it because the fan base for the Buckeyes is so fanatical that people will go no matter where it is like Marines hitting a beach? Yep.

Last week in Austin was a great example. Popular estimates were that there were 40,000 Ohio State fans in town for 4,000 allotted tickets. My estimates are that there were 1,000,000 Buckeye fans in town. (I had a few drinks) Really though I do think that 15,000+ OSU fans got into the game. It was the same in Tempe a few years ago. We owned that town. I've never seen another alumni group with this sort of attendance. It's awesome and I'm proud to be part of it.

Pictured above is the scene from UT's basketball arena jam-packed with Ohio Staters. A Texas official said that there were more people there that day than the last UT men's basketball game. I'm not surprised, really. They served BEER.

I'm on the road for work for the weekend. See you Monday.