Thursday, January 18, 2007


Since the football Buckeye's season has wound down, (read screeched to a horrifying halt with all the subtlety of a prison rape.) I’ll be taking a bit break from The Penalty Kill. I’ll be back from time to time to keep you honest but most of my blogging efforts (until next football season) will now reside at Down And Distant. It’s group of dudes who find themselves funny, whether it’s true or not is something entirely different and I would prefer to keep my head securely in the sand on that one, thank you.

Thanks for your visits and comments. It’s really an honor that so many folks stop by here to see if I’ve managed to throw down some idle thoughts or some such. Please stop by and check out
Down and Distant. If it sucks, your retinas will only be sore for a while.

We’ll be working on the graphics and format as we go, but we needed to get something up because, as you know, you can’t hold back comedy like this.



indybuckeye said...

There goes the last bright spot in my otherwise meaningless existence.

The Penalty Kill said...
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The Penalty Kill said...

Stop by the new one for the same brand of mental masturbation.