Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ripping off real blogs

I need to get up earlier to catch the worm. I’m new to this blogging thing so I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. But a couple of the points I’m about to touch on have already appeared on such notable sites as DeadSpin and a SkunkBear site. I need a crack staff. Or maybe just crack.

Item one: Can we please over-promote a true freshman again? Beanie Wells should be good, maybe even great. Coach T says he’s even quicker now than in the spring or even early fall. So, I know, let’s make statue out of him and sell it. Better yet throw a bunch of Buckeyes on his helmet. It could only be better if that statue could be put on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Item next: mmmmm Football flavored cereal. It’s true, we as Buckeye fanatics will buy, wear, or eat anything if it scarlet and gray. Sounds a lot like Honey Nut Cheerios to me. Try to be the first to open the box because for a limited time everyone comes with a jock-strap.

Item Last: For the discerning visual pallet. Make your own original masterpiece under the watchful eye of Jesus. Put a picture of Grandma, Aunt Midge, Your Favorite Football Coach or Donald Trump. Whomever. This is genius with a capital G. I’m buying one, particularly if I can get it on black velvet. Pictured here is Jesus’ favorite brown dog.

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