Friday, November 17, 2006

I am insane now

Seriously. I’m a freaking nutbag. We’ve been in God’s country for a little more than a day now and I can’t take it anymore. So this one will be short and sweet.

My boy DER, one of the biggest Buckeye fans I know and consummate pessimist has tOSU losing tomorrow. Stating that scUM’s defensive front four will be able to pressure Troy Smith on their own leaving the rest of the ugly-uniformed-yellow-pants-wearin’-stupid-winged-helmet-mother-f…to lock down the rest of the Buckeye’s offense. Also, between the double threat of Hart and Henne to Manningham, our defense that hasn’t really been tested will give up several big plays. He’s saying something like 24 –13. He’s very knowledgeable about the topic, but here’s the good news. He always has the Buckeye’s losing. Every game this year, save for a couple like Illinois and NW, he’s had Ohio State coming up short. It’s how he rolls.

So this is good news. I’ll take the Bucks. Give me strong performances by Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith (and his feet), Gonzo, Robiskie, Pittman and Beanie Wells (who will hold on to the ball.) Meatchicken’s offense will rue the day that they ever heard the names Laurinaitis, Gohlston, Pitcock and Antonio Smith. GOLD PANTS BABY! YEAH!

It is with that I say "someone get me a drink and a dark closet where I can sit and rock back and forth in while mumbling, 'thank God it’s not John Cooper, thank God it’s not John Coop…..'"

I can’t take it.

The Ohio State University – 34
the scUM – 17

“So let’s win that old conference now.”


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