Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thuggery at the U, Really?

What did this idiot do to get a job broadcasting football games? Lamar Thomas should be the anchorman for the South Florida Penitentiary closed-circuit 6 o’clock “Watch Your Ass – Eyewitness News,” not a sideline reporter in the real world. This dude was a punk scumbag extraordinaire when he was a “playah” at the U. He hasn’t changed. I know you’ve heard the story, if not, go here. So back to my question. What did this turd do to get a job at Comcast? Has anyone seen the interviewer since the interview, or did they just take Thomas’ word for it that the interviewer really said
"'My shit were good and I should be on the TV like a mutha-f…’”
They got what they deserved.

Come to think of it, Hey #13 Former Denver Bronco! We’ve got a gig for you after your hitch in the Gray-Bar Hilton is over. You too can be a sideline dumbass…er reporter, though not in the Big Ten. We’ll need you to go down south, way down south.

I’ll chime in on the looming dogfight with the Hoosiers a little later. I know they think that after this week the Big10 will be the Big 3 and the Little 8. However, they might want to tap the breaks just a little on that. More later. Go Bucks.


JB said...

miami is a great school that spawned 85 2 time Heisman trophy winners. This year. What you got OSU?

Yes 85

Yes 2


The Penalty Kill said...
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The Penalty Kill said...

You got me there. OSU's only got one stinkin two-time winner. And that was in the 70's certainly not in the same year either. We really do suck.