Monday, October 23, 2006

I Don't Feel Tardy

The theme today children, is “better late than never.” Since I’ve never claimed to be on the cutting edge of blogging, technology or anything for that matter, I’m just now getting to these items. First off is one Antonio Smith. Damn it, do I like this kid!

Antonio Smith, a fifth-year senior and former walk-on from Beechcroft High School, gained the defensive honor after a career-high 12 tackles, including a sack, as the OSU defense put the clamps on Indiana quarterback Kellen Lewis.

There are a freakin’ plethora of douche bags playing college football. Even our beloved tOSU has had a couple. So it’s nice to see when a kid comes through like this one. It’s a common enough story, city kid who is raised by his Granny, who brings him up with the right mixture of tough love and paddling his ass. But this kid is a role model. He began his Ohio State career as a walk-on and after four years gets the scholarship love. All the while, making the most of his non-scholarship time working hard and keeping his nose clean, yet he has enough flare to mix in a little high-step on the way to scoring on an interception in the State Penn game. (Even though he claims he didn't mean to do it if he did) It hit me today when I read this in the Dogpatch.

"I’m not a star or anything. I’m just an average player, an average guy in mechanical engineering just trying to fulfill my responsibility the best I can."

I was the exact same way when I was at Ohio State -- except replace “Mechanical Engineering” with “Sleeping off a hangover and missing classes” and “fulfill my responsibility” with “Sleep off a hangover so I can go out this afternoon and get hammered.”

Welcome to adulthood young man, you can be proud of yourself.

Ode to the Statue of Liberty Play

It's about a week old or so, but this is one crazy-assed play. Watch how this running back crab-walks up behind the line, hiding behind the linemen who are setup cheek to cheek.

Football Talk

Minnestoma - I'll do my best to muster up the strength to talk about this game later in the week. As if anyone gives a damn. This one and others are just stepping stones to get to the "game of the millennium" on 11/18. Wake me up then.

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